There is no charge for a guest post on our site. We will also give you the opportunity to promote your own site and work. This means that all of your links will be do-follow links, and if you want, you'll get your own bio to market your goods.


What Can You Write About?

Not only are we interested in technical things, but also in the personal things that programmers have to deal with.

Here are some topics that we're interested in:

  • Technical

    We don't have any preferences here - whether it's tutorials, fixing known bugs, lists of tools that might help or other things.

    As long as computer scientists (Some people won't like this word, but it's just meant to say, "People who do computer stuff" so not just programmers.) could use it, it fits into our catalogue.

  • Career

    All kinds of career topics that would appeal to: employees, managers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students.

    These articles should specifically relate to professional growth and decision making in the the tech industry.

  • Productivity

    Hacks, Systems, learning, etc.

    These articles should provide people with tools to speed up processes and bring their best work to the world.

  • Other content, but strongly related to tech.

    If you have an article that doesn't fit or you don't know if it fits in the categories above, just write to us and we'll tell you if it fits in our catalogue.


How To Submit an Article

To submit an article idea, please send a e-mail to the address provided below with your topic idea, question if the article fits or even finished article, and we'll be in touch with the edits and all that.

Don't be shy. We will not bite you ;)