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Why do you need to approximate the size of a database?

Estimating the size of the database can help you determine the storage setup that you would need to provide the sufficient physical amount of disk space used to hold the data and to provide the performance that your applications need.

Estimating the magnitude of the database will also help you decide how the database architecture needs to be optimized. For example, you can decide that the approximate size of the database is too big to be applied in your organisation and that further refinement is needed. This will also help you to enhance the efficiency of the database querys.

But dont forget:

Premature optimization is the root of all evil. -Donald Knuth

How to estimate the disk space used for a database?

In order to estimate the size of the table, you must calculate the size of each column individually and then add the values obtained. That's why i've built the following Calculator. This Calculator of course assumes that each row is fully populated.

Required Disk Space:

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# Type Length/Values Action

How accurate is the result?

This is only a rough estimation of your Database Disk usage. You can check out this How to Determine Database Disk Space Use Guide here if you want to find out how much Disk Space your database actually consumes.

How do I use the Calculator?

How to use Database Disk Space Calculator

Just choose the data types of your columns and, if necessary, the length of the column. Drop Columns that you do not need or add new ones with the "Add Column" button. Then just enter how many rows your table will have and click "Calculate". Your results will be shown in the top left corner.